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Location Key
1 To Lower Guk, Dead Side
2 Croc Room with Ancient Crocodile who drops Gatorscale Leggings and Sleeves
3 Room with Nokta Shaman who drops Globe of Shadows, placeholder Vis Shaman
4 To Lower Guk, Live Side
5 To Lower Guk, Dead Side
6 Room with Froglok Summoner, Froglok Priest, drops Golden Rod used for Enchanter quest, and Shin Knight
7 To Lower Guk, Dead Side
8 Stairs down Pit
9 The Pits with Heart Spiders, Secret Room in Water to Dark Elf named Tempus and Skeletal Monk who drops Glowing Mask
10 Ramp Room with Froglok Squire who drops Collar of Undead Protection (common) and Runed Bone Fork (rare)
11 Mushroom Farm with Fungus Men, also Fungus Mutant who drops Guk Bracket Mildew (common) and Decayed Guk Weed (rare)
12 Room with Froglok Idealist, who drops Vial of Egg Whites (common) and Moss Mask (rare), and Tonta Knight, who drops Soiled Boots (common)
13 Room with Froglok Warden who drops Elf Hide Gloves (common) and Troll Hide Belt (rare), room to north is safe underwater cove
14 Room with Froglok Realist who drops Pouch of Ghoul Ashes (common) and Reed Ring (rare)
15 Temple with Froglok Scryer who drops Bracelets of Woven Grass (common) and Shimmering Orb (rare), also Glowing Mask
16 Room with Froglok Necromancer
17 Barracks with Froglok Shin Lord who drops Silver Plated Bracer (common) and Ghoulbane (rare)
18 Heart Spider Room with Giant Heart Spider who drops Chitin Shell Shield (common) and Chitin Shell Armor (rare)
A&B connect to room 13

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