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Location Key
1 Goblin Fort with Pit Fighter Dob
2 Hut with Goblins
3 Hut with outcast Iksar
4 Hut with outcast Iksar
5 Hut with Goblins
6 Hut with Goblins
7 Hut with Goblins
8 Forest Giant Hut
9 Hut with outcast Iksar and Iksar Bandit Lord who drops Bracer of Scavenging
10 "Bandit Lake" - Lake surrounded by outcast Iksar
11 Hut with outcast Iksar
12 Forest Giant Fort
13 Cabilis Outpost Ruins - Merchants selling Patch Hide Armor, Newbie Weapons, Food Items, and Survival Gear
A Tunnels to Dalnir
B Iksar Tunnels that eventually lead to Lake of Ill Omen

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