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Location Key
1 Shops selling Cloth Armor, Cooking Supplies, Clay and Firing Sheets
2 Shops selling Throwing Daggers and Tailoring Patterns
3 Bandit Camp
4 Guard Tower ("Tower 1")
5 Guard Tower ("Tower 2")
6 Farm taken over by Bandits and a Brigand
7 Cleet Miller Farm
8 Empty farm
9 Guard Tower
10 Fields with Scarecrows
11 Henina Miller Farm with Furball, also sells items
12 Empty farm
13 Barbarian Village, selling Fletching Kit, Arrows, Bows, and Nocks, Large Blacksmithing Molds and Books, Shaman Summon Spells
14 Tiny Miller's House
15 Farm with ex-Druid, Linaya Sowlin
16 Mountains filled with Bandits
17 Caninel with Gnoll Allies
18 Ogre Shrine guarded by Ogres
19 Froon and Choon on a hill
20 Barbarian shop selling Bows
21 Shops selling Blacksmithing Books and Molds, also Food
22 Farms
23 Farms
24 Bandit Camp
25 Farms with Poison Merchant
26 Pyramid
27 Undead Ruins
There is a Bandit camp located at +800, -11570 where Thracken Grifton appears.

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