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Location Key
1 Merchant selling Brewing Supplies
2 Ogre selling Pickled Items
3 Freeport Militia with Warrior Guild, Forge out back
4 Merchant selling Cloth Armor
5 Magician, Enchanter, and Wizard Guild - sells Tomes, Gems, and Violet Robes
6 Warrior Guild with Merchants selling Various Weapons, Forge and Freeport Forge out back
7 Arena - PvP area, Warrior Trainers in balcony
8 Smithy - Merchants selling Pottery Supplies, Pottery Wheel inside and Kiln outside
9 Hogcaller's Inn - sells Alcohol, Lady Shae inside, Brew Barrel outside
10 The Stage
11 Brownloe Bakery - sells Food Items and Bowls, Kiln and Pottery Wheel outside
12 Ashen Order - Monk Guild Hall, Merchants selling Throwing Weapons and Musical Instruments
13 Torlig's Herbs and Medicines - sells Potions, Crystals, Mistletoe
14 Empty Building - Oven inside

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