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Location: Deep underground on the moon of Luclin

Acrylia Caverns

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Adjacent Zones: Grimling Forest
Level of Monsters: 40-60
Types of Monsters: Grimlings
Notable NPC's: Unknown
Unique Items: Unknown
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 12/03/01
Map last updated: 12/03/01


The Acrylia Caverns is an ancient mine, dug out by the Vah Shir since they landed on Luclin ages ago. The acrylia they mined here built the city of Shar Vahl, and they still use large amounts of it in many of the things that they produce. The grimlings, however, have taken over the mine and the surrounding forest since their underground stronghold was tapped into some time ago. A constant battle wages over what's in these mines.





Travelling To and From Acrylia Caverns

The entrance to Acrylia Caverns can be found in the Grimling Forest inside a network of caves that make up the upper mines. The entrance to those caves is at 800, 1050. The entrance to Acrylia Caverns itself is at 800, 1850 within those tunnels.

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