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Location: Forest near Tenebrous Mountains

Grimling Forest

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Adjacent Zones: Acrylia Caverns, Hollowshade Moor, Tenebrous Mountains
Level of Monsters: 20-40
Types of Monsters: Grimling Cadaverist, Grimling Dartspitter, Grimling Dreamspinner, Grimling Foreman, Grimling Guard, Grimling Herbalist, Grimling Lookout, Grimling Manawielder, Grimling Marauder, Grimling Metalworker, Grimling Pickpocket, Grimling Priest, Grimling Prophet, Grimling Recruit, Grimling Scout, Grimling Sentry, Grimling Skullcracker, Grimling Soldier, Grimling Soulstealer, Grimling Spinetapper, Grimling Thief, Owlbear Bloodspiller, Owlbear Fleshrender, Owlbear Grappler, Owlbear Razorback, Sonic Bloodhound, Sonic Mangler, Sonic Wolfling
Notable NPC's: Grimling Sorceress, Overseer Gnerpokkel, Prophet Grikplag, Sorceress Gnildaria
Unique Items: Barbed Bone Fishing Spear, Braided Briar Vine, Choker of the Overseer, Claw of the High Grimling, Claw of the Sonic Howler, Deathbringer's Boots, Desecrated Platemail Vambraces, Desecrated Two Handed Sword, Feather Ring, Gloves of the Grimling Sorceress, Gnerpokkel's Belt, Gnildaria's Ring, Gnildaria's Robe, Great Sword of Grimling Slaying, Great Sword of the Grunt, Great Sword of the Horde, Grikplag's Scepter, Grimling Bane Hammer, Grimling Crystal Ball, Grimling Finger Bones, Grimling Tribal Headress, Hammer of the Grunt, Hopperhide Armor, Jagged Stone Axe, Leather Handled Mandible Blade, Medallion of the Hero of Shar Vahl, Polished Chitin Dagger, Polished Stone Fishing Dagger, Ring of the Tribal Priest, Shar Vahl Garrison Blade, Shar Vahl Garrison Shield, Sharpened Wolf Femur, Short Sword of the Grunt, Shrunken Grimling Skull Earring, Sinew Wrapped Battle Staff, Smooth Ore Dagger, Staff of the Grunt, Swordsman's Armband, Treated Bone Tipped Spear
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 04/24/02
Map last updated: 12/10/01


Grimling Forest is a dense forest of massive fungi that grows at the base of the Tenebrous Mountains, separating them from Hollowshade Moor to the south. The forest was once the domain of the Vah Shir as they mined the Acrylia Caverns, but now the grimlings have taken over virtually the whole forest as their own, driving the Vah Shir out of it.


The Grimlings which claim much of this zone can be found all around it, usually in heavily-guarded camps with many of their kind around. Taking one of these camps requires at least a good group to do.



Travelling To and From Grimling Forest

The entrance to Hollowshade Moor is located at -1800, -1200.

The entrance to Tenebrous Mountains is located at 1550, -250.

The entrance to Acrylia Caverns is located at 800, -1800.

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