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Location: Deep underground on the moon of Luclin

Akheva Ruins

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Adjacent Zones: Maiden's Eye
Level of Monsters: 45+
Types of Monsters: Centi, Mind Worms
Notable NPC's: Itraer Vius, Va'Dyn
Unique Items: Centi Longsword, Centi Shortsword, Centi Toes, Centi Warhammer, Centi Warspear, Chunks of Condensed Shadow
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 08/12/02
Map last updated: 01/01/03


This appears to be the stronghold of the aliens on the moon, although little else is known about it at present.


Mind worm traps can be found throughout here. When triggered, they spawn mind worms that proc a mana drain ability.


The beginning of this zone is relatively easy compared to the rest of the zone, and is good for small groups or even soloing. Centi weapons also drop quite commonly here, and are great weapons to give/sell to lower levels.

Travelling To and From Akheva Ruins

The entrance to Akhave Ruins can be found in Maiden's Eye, located within a large dome structure.

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