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Location: Deep under the surface of Luclin

Fungus Grove

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Adjacent Zones: Echo Caverns, Twilight Sea
Level of Monsters: 50-60
Types of Monsters: Living plants
Notable NPC's: Unknown
Unique Items: Unknown
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 12/03/01
Map last updated: 1/01/03


The Fungus Grove is a moist cavern underneath the Twilight Sea that has become, over eons, a sort of forest of fungi and mosses. Not needing sunlight, the fungi in this large cavern grow to mammoth proportions. The small river Glowater provides some light for brave explorers moving through here.


This level is a very high level area, filled with sentient plants.



Travelling To and From Fungus Grove

Echo Caverns is located at -2330, -1145.

There is also a two-way teleporter from the mage's tower in the Twilight Sea that will bring you deep within the Grove.

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