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Location: In the Alter Planes

Plane of Knowledge

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Adjacent Zones: many by teleportation (see map)
Guilds: All
Artisan Facilities: All
Unique Items: unknown

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Text last updated: 11/09/02
Map last updated: 11/09/02


The Plane of Knowledge is a sanctuary where scholars from all over come to learn in peace. The Plane is dominated by the Great Library, which rests on the top of a large hill in the center of the Plane. Within, there are many stacks of books lined with scholars who sell scrolls and books as well as give out quests. The Head Librarian and his Council reside in a room at the very top of the Library.

Scattered around the library is a bustling city environment. There are three sections, each representing areas of Norrath, although anyone can travel safely throughout the entire Plane. Within each section you will find trainers for various classes as well as merchants selling all manner of goods and supplies. There is nothing that you can't find here.

Quests are abundant in this Plane, and several local personalities give out several involved quests for high-level players to enjoy.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, this Plane has portals that will take you just about anywhere on Norrath. They are superior to the ones in the Nexus in that you can travel instantly by just walking up and clicking on them, you are whisked away. It's very similar to the teleportation room in Timorous Deep, except that travel is two-way because you will always be dropped off next to a return portal on the other side.

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