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Location: Large mountain range on the dark side of Luclin

Tenebrous Mountains

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Adjacent Zones: Grimling Forest, Katta Castellum
Level of Monsters: 30-50
Types of Monsters: Black Wolf, Coterie Centurion, Coterie Legionnaire, Coterie General, Coterie Rival, Coterie Scout, Cral Ligi Airmaster, Cral Ligi Lorekeeper, Cral Ligi Soldier, Cral Ligi Warlord, Darkwing Bat, Dire Sonic Wolf, Gray Wolf, Grimling Foreman, Grimling Geomancer, Grimling Laborer, Grimling Orefinder, Grol Baku Chanter, Grol Baku Crystalus, Grol Baku Ritualist, Grol Baku Soldier, Meeda Hune Rager, Meeda Hune Rock Collector
Notable NPC's: Grimling Runner, Hoober, Krellices, Kristov Otto, Skyshadow, Tymoz, Veynar Aeridia, Yaroslav Verilak
Unique Items: Blood Weave Armor, Coterie Armor, Coterie General's Armor
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 02/22/02
Map last updated: 12/10/01


Tenebrous Mountains is a large mountain range on the dark side of Luclin. Scant foliage lives on the slopes of the hills, and the creatures that inhabit this area are more likely to use sound than sight to find their prey. This is also the home of the rapidly growing coterie of vampires.


All of the creatures in this zone except for Grimlings can see through invisibility and camouflage. In addition, members of the coterie can actually cast invisibility on themselves, making their fortress very dangerous to infiltrate.

The vampires are very dangerous, as none of them are found wandering through the zone but all are in small groups of buildings that they have made throughout the zone. There is one coterie scout that roams the entire zone, which can occasionally pose a danger.



Travelling To and From Tenebrous Mountains

The entrance to Katta Castellum is located at 0, 1800.

The entrance to Grimling Forest is located at -1700, -1200.

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