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Location: Off of the southern edge of Dagnor's Cauldron

Estate of Unrest

Unrest Manor (floor details)

Adjacent Zones: Dagnor's Cauldron
Level of Monsters: 14-35
Types of Monsters: Death Beetles, Tormented Dead, Greater Skeletons, Jack-O-Lanters, Ghouls, Dark Boned Skeletons, Lurking Mummies, Gnomish Spelunker, Lesser Blade Fiends, Blade Fiends, Dry Bones Skeletons, Carrion Ghouls, Skeletal Monks, Zombie of an Unrest Noble, Undead Barkeep, Reanimated Hands, Barbed Bone Skeletons, Dusty Werebats, Werebats, Reclusive Ghoul Magi, Greater Dark Bones, Undead Knight of Unrest, Mortuary Fungus, Festering Hags, Dark Terrors, Tentacle Terrors
Notable NPC's: Garanel Rucksif, Priest of Najena, Shadowpincer (?), Khrix Fritchoff, Khrix's Abomination, Torklar Battlemaster
Unique Items: Bloodstained Mantle, Bloodstained Tunic, Damask Leggings, Damask Wristband, Dark Boned Bracelet, Dusty Bloodstained Gloves, Dwarven Work Boots, Festering Cloak, Gladius, Gossimer Armor, Ivory Bracelet, Jagged Band, Opalline Earring, Pugius, Savants Cap, Shadowed Bone Breastplate (?), Thick Leather Apron, Rod for Wizard Quest
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 09/05/01
Map last updated: 02/19/01


The Estate of Unrest was once the home of a dwarven noble, in ages past. Following the unholy destruction that created Dagnor's Cauldron and the following takeover of that region by evil creatures, his estate was overrun by the undead, and is now one of the great havens of the unliving in all of Norrath.


Unrest is a small outdoor estate occupied from top to bottom with undead. The only principal areas of note in the estate are the manorhouse, the yard, and the maze. The manorhouse has five levels, including the basement.

Trains here deserve special mention. A great deal of the hunting in the zone consists of pulling from the house, where some lucky individual runs into the house, whacks a nearby monster, and runs back out with monster in tow. The problem is that these monsters sometimes don't always follow you. They will occasionally take circuits around the house gathering their friends to come with them ("Let's go have a picnic in the gazebo!") or there are other undead within aggro range when you pull. The end result is that very often there are overpulls from the house to the yard. Now, when this happens, usually a train results, and people fighting along one of the walls runs for the entrance. The phenomenon are unique to this zone. The first is that the entryway tunnel is very long. If a train has entered that tunnel, it's safest to wait for it to come back out and disperse rather than go in after it. You will catch it coming back out and likely be torn to bits. The other problem is that often, because of the pathing in the zone, trains will seem to take a little trip around the outside of the yard, especially the higher level trains. One of these trains will result in there being about five people in the tower wondering where everyone else went.

The yard is a very busy part of the zone. There are roaming monsters all over this area, mostly lower level creatures, and the death beetles. Groups pull from the house and fight monsters, mostly along the back and west walls. Dangers in this area are mostly the trains (as described above) and the death beetles. The death beetles will attack anyone fighting in this area. At high levels, they are a constant nuisance, but at lower levels they can be downright dangerous, and many of us have handily fought off undead only to be nibbled away at by several death beetles.

The first floor of the house is where most of the people pull to the yard from. Mostly high-teens level monsters wander around here, nothing special. The second floor has some higher level creatures, but otherwise the only thing of note is the Reclusive Ghoul Magi room in the back, and a NPC named Krix that spawns in a closet near the Magi room. Krix may be involved in a quest, although details are unknown at present (by me, at least). The third floor contains the barroom, which is also busy. Although a good place to camp, the barroom is so close to the tower above, that you really need to have a group camping each room. What happens otherwise is that if you attack someone in the barroom, the entire tower runs down the stairs to help out. You better order a drink when you hear them pounding down the stairs. The tower is a little safer, and is kind of out of the way. You generally don't have to deal with much else when you're up there. The other area of interest all the way on top of the manor is the Hand Room, where the hand spawns. This room is a nice spot to camp, as it is out of the way of all but the craziest trains (Puller -- "I know, I'll run out through the hand room, that will work!"). It is also a quick escape, as you can run out on the balcony and onto the roof of the patio and it's a straight shot to the zone.

The basement is a different matter. The basement is a deathtrap to someone by themselves or in a group that doesn't know what they're doing. The monsters, many of which are the dangerous Festering Hags, spawn down here in groups and quickly. The pace is fast but the experience may make it worth it (assuming you don't die much). Mortuary fungus here are also lethal, as they have a tendency to cast drowsiness on the melee types, making it very difficult to take them out without some magical backup. In the end of the basement is the dwarven ghost, who spawns some of the rarest items in the zone. He is protected by a room full of the toughest monsters in the zone, all of whom will swarm you if you don't kill them off first...


The Estate of Unrest is one of the great zones in the game. I have friends and know a lot of people who essentially lived there for ten levels. It is a fast-paced, dangerous zone, but that is also what makes it fun. People can gain experience quicker than many other places in here, and also become rich while doing so. A lot of the mainstay items in the game come out of Unrest, so there's a ready market for your excess loot.

The other benefit, and something that is probably key to its success, is that the zone is broken up into specific areas designed for various levels. The rooms are designed for characters of a certain level range, and if you fit that range, you're going to have a good time there.

Travelling To and From Unrest

The Estate of Unrest is reached by passing through the length of Dagnor's Cauldron to a small tunnel on the south end. Most people run along the west end of the lake close to the water, but you need to be careful of the numerous aqua goblins moving throughout the area.

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