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Location: Between Shadow Haven and the Nexus on Luclin

The Bazaar

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Adjacent Zones: The Nexus, Shadow Haven
Guilds: none
Artisan Facilities: Pottery Wheel, Kiln, Forge, Oven, Sewing Kit

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Text last updated: 12/03/01
Map last updated: 12/03/01


The Bazaar is the open market area run by the houses of Shadow Haven.

Surrounding Areas

The Bazaar is owned and operated by Shadow Haven, along with the Nexus. Both of those areas open up into the southern part of this area, bringing a steady stream of buyers and sellers.

Travelling To and From The Bazaar

The Bazaar can be reached either by the Nexus or through Shadow Haven. The southern entrance from the Nexus takes you there. In Shadow Haven, the entrance is off a small platform just west of the large main section.

Local Color


The Bazaar is built for one purpose, the exchange of goods. There is an arena attached to the northern part of it if disputes reach that point, but for the most part this place is built for shopping. It has the benefit of being the only place that has a special way of listing your goods for sale, so people can simply walk in and instantly know who has what for sale, without the need for constant yelling to all those near you. This also makes for much faster transactions, since you don't really need to wait around for someone to yell something.


The people here are mostly merchants from Shadow Haven, which also runs a bank here. The people not running the shops are outsiders, brought here for trade of any goods you can think of. Any race can be seen inside of the Bazaar.

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