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Location: At the base of the Tenebrous Mountains

Hollowshade Moor

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Adjacent Zones: Grimling Forest, Paludal Caverns, Shar Vahl
Level of Monsters: 10-30
Types of Monsters: Blackfin Minnow, Grimling Bodyguard, Grimling Chieftain, Grimling Fisherman, Grimling Herder, Grimling Lookout, Grimling Mystic, Grimling Overseer, Grimling Priest, Grimling Recruit, Grimling Spiritist, Grimling Thief, Moor Tortoise, Owlbear Cub, Owlbear Grappler, Owlbear Razorbeak, Patrolling Grimling, Rhinobeetle, Rockhopper, Sonic Guardian, Sonic Packleader, Sonic Pup, Sonic Wolfling, Sonic Wolf
Notable NPC's: Curfang, Dirtchomp, Gorehorn, Grimling Chieftain, Skrietat'Chu, Skrietat'Cha
Unique Items: Battle Scarred Wingblade, Black Feathered Circlet, Elder Wolf Jawbone, Gore Covered Horn, Horned Beetle Mask, Owlbear Clawed Earring, Preserved Owlbear Beak, Preserved Owlbear Eye, Urmir - Sword of Beast Slaying
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 02/22/02
Map last updated: 02/22/02


Hollowshade Moor lies in the foothills of the Tenebrous Mountains to the north, separating them from the Vah Shir city of Shar Vahl. The Moor itself is a hotly contested area between the grimlings, the owlbears, and the sonic wolves. Their constant struggle frequently breaks out into full scale battle between the groups, with the Vah Shir intent on protecting their own while fighting a war further north.


The entire zone is covered with wandering creatures, which makes it dangerous to hunt anywhere but near the edges. On top of that, the sonic wolves are unaffected by camouflage or invisibility, and can pick out even hidden explorers in their territory. Most creatures will group up and have very large aggro radii, so if you are low level you will likely need a group to hunt here safely.


This is a good zone with lots of monsters suitable for the level range described. It is possible to hunt solo or in groups here equally well.

Travelling To and From Hollowshade Moor

The entrance to Shar Vahl is located at 1200, 3000.

The entrance to Grimling Forest is located at 3000, -2500.

The entrance to Paludal Caverns is located at -1800, 3000.

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