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Location: Caverns under the city of Shar Vahl

Paludal Caverns

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Adjacent Zones: Hollowshade Moor, Shadeweaver's Thicket, Shadow Haven
Level of Monsters: 5-25
Types of Monsters: Grime Tunneler, Grimy Owlbear Cub, Large Wetfang, Mature Sensate Reishi, Muck Digger, Outcast Shiknar, Patog Phlarg Fiend, Plerg Phlarg Fiend, Recondite Bandit, Recondite Burgler, Recondite Charlatan, Recondite Cutpurse, Recondite Deceiver, Recondite Demagogue, Recondite Footpad, Recondite Pickpocket, Recondite Swindler, Sediment Delver, Sensate Reishi, Sensate Reishi Elder
Notable NPC's: Ch'ktok, Minnowgulper, Reishicyben, Ringo, Yelloweyes
Unique Items: Ancient Ornate Combine Dagger, Ancient Sensate Shield, Ancient Sensate Cloak, Ancient Sensate Eye, Feather Ring, Fist of Horn, Fungal Fiend Membrane Armor, Fungus Flesh Pants, Reishi Lens, Sensate Reishi Eye, Sullied Weapons
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 04/26/02
Map last updated: 02/16/02


The Paludal Caverns is a vast, twisting cavern network, carved out over millenia by the waters seeping down from Hollowshade Moor above. The water now fills every chamber, creating many small and some very large pools of water. Fungi and molds have taken up residence in the moist darkness.


There is a vast cavern with a chasm in the middle with a long fall to the bottom. Levitation works in here, so you could use that to get over it, or just run around the edges.

All of the fiends and the bandits are aggressive to outsiders in here. They will attack anyone low enough in level on sight, although they leave higher levels alone. The bandits are especially dangerous as they will group up when they attack you.

There are plants here that grow up high on some of the cavern walls that will attack you with a disease-based attack, which is quite resistant to cure disease spells.

The tunnels are very confusing and it is very easy to get lost in there. Be sure to take frequent /loc's, especially if travelling through for the first time, and by all means get one if you are about to be killed so you know where to find your body.

The tunnels are very dark without some means of seeing in the dark in here. The poor humans should plan for this accordingly.


This is a vast tunnel network with creatures spread throughout. This means that you could camp just about anywhere and find plenty of things to kill within range. The dungeon is also not very full at any time, so this is pretty easy to do. Most people will try and camp in the tunnels leading to the exits, however, so if you're brave enough to go deeper you won't find any competition.

Travelling To and From Paludal Caverns

The entrance to Hollowshade Moor is at 1500, -500.

The entrance to Shadeweaver's Thicket is at -4000, -250.

The entrance to Shadow Haven is at -2100, 1100.

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