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Location: A massive mountain on the light side of Luclin

Mons Letalis

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Adjacent Zones: The Grey, Marus Seru
Level of Monsters: 30-50
Types of Monsters: Adult Rockhopper, Aggressive Rockhopper, Dark Thought Leech, Dusty Spire Spirit, Enslaved Hivewatcher, Enslaved ShikNar, Greater Spire Spirit, Lesser Spire Spirit, Mature Rockhopper, Powerful Rockhopper, Shik Nar Aggressor, ShikNar Gatherer, ShikNar Grunt, ShikNar Warrior, Stonegrabber, Thought Leech
Notable NPC's: Ancient Rockhopper, Corrupted Hivemistress, Greater Horror, Powerful Horror, Realistic Stonegrabber, Solstice Horror, Stealthy Horror, The Spire Lord, Triheaded Horror
Unique Items: Fist of Rock, Leech Tendril, Marks, Tarsus Bracer, Thorax of the Hive Mistress, Thought Horror Scalp
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 01/10/02
Map last updated: 01/10/02


Mons Letalis stands for "lethal mountain" and is named so for a reason. The harsh climate of Marus Seru extends up to this very high mountain range, where more powerful monsters have come to live. Also within the zone are the remains of an ancient teleporter of Combine design, its use lost in history as it is now mostly destroyed.


The terrain is a constant danger, as you are nearly continuously taking falling damage.

This area also has many areas where creatures, usually ShikNars, will hatch underfoot while you are walking near them. This makes casual travel through the zone dangerous as well.



Travelling To and From Mons Letalis

The entrance to Marus Seru is located at -1400, -650.

The entrance to The Grey is located at 1400, 0.

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