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Location: Caverns between Shadow Haven and Sanctus Seru

Netherbian Lair

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Adjacent Zones: Dawnshroud Peaks, Marus Seru, The Nexus
Level of Monsters: 20-30
Types of Monsters: Fungoid Sporeling, Fungoid, Fungoid Worker, Mature Fungoid, Netherbian Drone, Netherbian, Netherbian Swarmcaller, Troglodyte, Trog Bull, Trog Hunter
Notable NPC's: Netherbian Swarmleader, Trog King
Unique Items: Netherbian Chitin, Spore-Covered Armor
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 12/23/01
Map last updated: 12/10/01


Netherbian Lair is a network of underground tunnels which were accidentally discovered by the Combine. The main corridors connect the Nexus to the Dawnshroud Peaks and Marus Seru, and are patrolled by the Hand of Seru and the guards of Shadow Haven. However, opening up onto this large tunnel is a network of winding ancient mines, now inhabited by more hostile occupants. Travel along the main corridors is safe, travel through these areas does not come with that reassurance.


When travelling off of the main path, you will enter dangerous tunnels that are occupied by creatures that are aggressive to most. These creatures pretty much all undercon their true strength, as they have a large number of hit points. Also, with the narrow spaces, you can get several adds very quickly with little way to avoid them.


If you stay on the main path, you will be very unlikely to run into hostile monsters, although they do exist when nobody is hunting there.

With the rapid spawn times and many small corridors, there are many areas to hunt in this dungeon. The monsters also drop a fair amount of money and the fungoids drop nice monk items as well.

Travelling To and From Netherbian Lair

The entrance to Dawnshroud Peaks is located at -700, 0.

The entrance to the Nexus is located at 2000, 0.

The entrance to Marus Seru is located at 500, 1000.

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