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Location: On the light side of Luclin

Dawnshroud Peaks

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Adjacent Zones: Grieg's End, Maiden's Eye, Netherbian Lair, Sanctus Seru
Level of Monsters: 25-45
Types of Monsters: Ancient Rockhopper, Bloodthirsty Wolf, Galorians, Lightcrawlers, Rockhopper, Stonegrabbers, Tamok Tribesman, Zelniaks
Notable NPC's: Mighty Zelniak
Unique Items: Heavy Iron Ulak, Polished Steel Ulak
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 02/22/02
Map last updated: 12/23/01


Dawnshroud Peaks are a set of low mountains on the light side of Luclin. Blessed with both the sun hitting them and also having ample water supply, the mountains have turned into a very fertile area, supporting a wide array of wildlife.


There are several different types of monsters here, all of them aggressive and social.

Areas within this zone contain hidden monsters that will appear when they detect a person getting close. The wolves and the fungi are notorious for this, and the fungi appear in large groups so can be quite a problem. Staying in a tight group and moving quickly will usually get you out of the area before they realize you were there, but any delay and you'll have a fight on your hands.


There are several lower level quests in this area that you can receive from the NPC's at the various camps.

Travelling To and From Dawnshroud Peaks

Netherbian Lair is located at 2000, -200.

Sanctus Seru is located at 0, 2000.

Grieg's End is located at -1800, -900.

Maiden's Eye is located at -750, -2000.

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