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Location: The city of the followers of Seru on the light side of Luclin

Sanctus Seru

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Adjacent Zones: Dawnshroud Peaks, Marus Seru
Guilds: Cleric, Enchanter, Monk, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard
Artisan Facilities: Pottery Wheel, Kiln, Forge, Brew Barrel, Sewing Kit
Unique Items: unknown

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Text last updated: 02/19/02
Map last updated: 08/12/02


Sanctus Seru is the home of a segment of the ancient Combine empire, those loyal to Seru. Their ancestors disagreed with the followers of Tsaph Katta, for reasons including letting the dark elves into the Empire, and had a violent split. Seru himself tried to assassinate Tsaph Katta, fracturing the empire. The followers of Katta moved to Luclin, and those of Seru followed in pursuit. They are a very rigid people, living under the watchful Eye in their police state.

Surrounding Areas

The people of Sanctus Seru keep minimal strength in both Dawnshroud Peaks and Marus Seru, although their military strength is very good, and they could quickly respond to any threat from their high walls.

Travelling To and From Sanctus Seru

The entrance to Sanctus Seru from Dawnshroud Peaks lies along the western peaks through the small entrance.

Local Color


Sanctus Seru has a very strict lifestyle, and their buildings and city reflect that. Housing is placed furthest away from the business sections of the city and the entrance to the outside world. There is a massive arena located near the residential quarters, where anyone can join in the battles within. There is also a massive central section of the city which has buildings corresponding to each of the four houses within the city. The largest fifth temple is home to Seru himself, although it is locked and he has not been seen in years. Levitation is not allowed within the city walls.


The citizens of Sanctus Seru live a regimented life, carefully watched by the Eye of the city. The Eye is a group of police that keep watch on its own citizens for any evidence of problems. The citizens, therefore, tend to remain in their houses, watch fights in the arena, or drink alcohol during the time they're not working.

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